A Revolution in Water Conservation

Introducing Hydroid Meter, a smart water meter that counts every drop of water and shows you real-time data on your smartphone. Say goodbye to unexpected water bill overages, hidden leaks and expensive water damage.

Become water aware.
Most of us simply don’t know how much water we use, so it’s hard to know if we’re having any real effect. Hydroid allows you to set water use goals and see daily, weekly and monthly water use totals. With Hydroid you can turn water waste into water awareness.

Protect your property with early leak detection.
Virtually eliminate those hard-to-find leaks that can add hundreds of gallons to your water bill each month. Detecting and stopping leaks when they start can protect your investment from mold and water damage.

Be in control.
No more waiting for the monthly bill to find out how much water you used. You can view water use as it happens using the Hydroid app (iOS and Android). In case of leaks, the the built-in valve gives you the ability to shut off water from wherever you are.

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