Cut costs.  Increase efficiency.

Knowing how much water your multi-tenant property uses is easy enough. Just look at your end of month water bill.  But, do you know where that water is being used? Do you have residents that are high water wasters? Leaking or dribbling irrigation?  Running toilets that need maintenance? There are almost endless possibilities.

Water audits are time consuming, intrusive and difficult in a multi-tenant building.  And in the end, you know that it's a temporary fix.

During your next water audit, fix the problem for good.  Install the Hydroid Smart Water meter.


Command Central

Hydroid's dashboard gives you complete control of your apartments, condominiums or multi-family properties. Aggregate the water use for your entire property, see details for each unit, find water wasters, and stop leaks.  Easily analyze water use week to week, month to month and annually.  Simplify billing and service maintenance. Prioritize water requirements and schedule repairs.  Isolated reporting for each unit, irrigation, pool and spa or public facilities.  With a built in valve, water management becomes as easy as a click or tap on your phone.

Increase tenant engagement and satisfaction

Today, residents care more than ever before about water conservation.  Most have grown up during times of changing climate, drought, water shortages and water restrictions.  Technology savvy, residents expect smart, connected home technology.  Hydroid Smart Water meter delivers to your tenants exactly what they expect:  environmental impact through smart connected home technology.

  • Managers and tenants see water use and alerts in real-time
  • Hyrdoid provides billing transparency & fairness
  • Water wasters are easily identified
  • Hydroid alerts you to leaks and helps you identify the exact location

In essence, Hydroid Smart Water meter allows you to provide the valued services that keep your residents happy, engaged and in place.




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