Hydroid helps you manage water use
in rainwater collection systems.

Know your water use

Protect water from overuse through monitoring.
Hydroid Meter shows daily patterns and detects
hidden leaks that could be draining your tanks.

Comprehensive Water Monitoring

When paired with a rainwater tank level gauge, Hydroid gives you the full picture of your water usage. It measures as small as a quarter of an ounce per minute.

hand holding phone with Hydroid app showing water use for last 7 days
With Rainwater as our sole source of water, it’s reassuring to understand how much water is being used. With Hydroid, I can check my water use against my budget by day, week or month - use a lot of water power washing the deck? No problem, make it up over the next few days by saving water in other areas.
 ~ Andrew Nance, AGRUPPO Architects
Hydroid in rainwater pump house

Easy to install

Hydroid meter is installed in the pump house between the filter and pressure regulator.
It's easy to install on a variety of pipe sizes and types.

1. Turn off water
2. Measure and cut a section of pipe
3. Use the included slip fittings to secure Hydroid in the water line
4. Turn water back on

Hydroid begins transmitting data to the mobile app (via the Hub) several times each minute. 

Leak alerts, remote shut-off

Forgetting the water hose in the garden for even 30 minutes can result in more than 100 gallons of water wasted. The Hydroid app will alert you to jumps in water use via in-app alert or email. 

You can shut off Hydroid's built-in valve remotely using your mobile device.

High flow alert on Hydroid app

Add Hydroid to your rainwater harvesting system

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